Traders / Bring & Buy

As well as having a carefully selected group of traders selling all the latest and best goods, Anime Dublin will have a Bring & Buy!

If you have any anime and manga related merchandise that you want to try to sell, then stop by the Bring & Buy table! In exchange for a small fee, we will showcase your second-hand items and hopefully bag a sale!

Click here to download the Bring & Buy form.

In order to offer items for sale at the Bring & Buy, you must first complete the Bring & Buy offer form. Present the completed form at the Bring & Buy tables before 1pm along with the items you are offering for sale, all of which must be labelled as detailed below. You will be given a Seller ID number, which will be written on all of your labels before your items will be placed on display.

* Print the Bring & Buy form to a single A4 page, and that all details are clearly legible.

* Only use one line per item – all descriptions should be concise enough to fit one line.

* A separate form is required for each distinct category of items you are offering for sale. Each form will be assigned a distinct seller ID.

* Each item offered for sale must be labelled with the seller ID (will be provided on the day), the item number as shown on the form, and your sale price in euro. Sale prices should be in whole euro.

* All labels should be securely affixed to the item offered for sale – if an item doesn’t have a label, we won’t sell it! Black ink on white labels is preferred.

* Prices for items offered for sale may be changed by the seller – ask the volunteers manning the table for assistance. Please be courteous, especially during busy periods.

* All revenue and unsold items MUST be collected before the close of the main room at 10pm.

Conditions and Guidelines

* Anime Dublin volunteers will be manning the Bring and Buy tables and selling any items offered for sale, not the sellers themselves.

* A 5% commission of the final sale price of each item will be charged for each item sold. This commission will be rounded down to the nearest euro for ease of transaction.

* All items offered for sale are done so at the owner’s risk. Anime Dublin cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused.

* All items offered for sale must be anime or manga related.

* All items offered for sale should be in good condition. If an item is damaged, incomplete, etc., it should be clearly labeled as such and priced accordingly.

* Only official merchandise may be offered for sale. The offering of bootlegs and counterfeits is strictly forbidden. Anyone found to have offered any such items will have all of their items removed from sale from the Bring and Buy