What is Anime Dublin?
Anime Dublin is a one day anime event, co-founded in 2012 by members of Eirtakon and Nom-Con (Ireland’s two largest anime conventions). The ideals and goals behind Anime Dublin are simple:

– To host a hectic, day long celebration of everything anime & manga related that runs late into the night
– To be centrally located in Dublin city centre
– To have a low entry fee, ensuring it’s as accessible as possible to as many people as possible

Our ultimate goal is to pack all the frenetic fun and madness typically found in a weekend-long convention, distilled down into one day. Every year we run seasonally-themed cosplay competitions, gaming tournaments, special panels and talks, party games, spot-prizes, chances to win tickets to upcoming events, a pub quiz, late night music and lots more.

Who’s behind Anime Dublin?
Anime Dublin was first mooted as an idea in 2011, as a way of helping to bring Eirtakon and Nom-Con (the two largest and oldest anime conventions in Ireland) closer together, and also filling a gap in the market for an early Spring event. The name is thanks to John Doyle, co-founder of Eirtakon, who floated the idea many years ago as a way to help expand the anime community in Ireland. Plus, it gives us an excuse to say 2016 A.D.!

Our first year in 2012 was wildly successful and we’ve been building on that every year, pushing as much as we can to introduce new events, original games and a polished convention experience that’s suitable for all-ages. We make sure to work with the hotel staff to provide a welcoming, fun atmosphere in a safe environment for anime fanatics across Ireland to converge and have a great day out!

– 2012 was our first year in the Central Hotel
– 2013 saw us in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin 2
– 2014 we took over the Academy Plaza just off O’Connell St
– 2015 we’re back in the lovely Alexander Hotel, kicking it 2015 A.D. style
– 2016 and again we’re in the Alexander Hotel – is this our permanent home for all eternity?